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Learn how a local webmaster can properly implement all of your campaigns:

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I am Seeking to network with other Professionals in the Columbia, S.C. Area in order to develop reciprocal business opportunities.  Business that I have dealt with are listed here in my Columbia, S.C. Business Reviews section.

The internet & website marketing techniques that I share with those in my network can work for many small businesses in Columbia, South Carolina.

Using Social Networking Media, Proper Website Structure, and some secret formulas I can help you make your phones ring!


SEO Webmaster Ashley Brooks,
Columbia S.C.

I am from Columbia so I can also help you network...

Know of a good plumber?  How about someone to replace a single shingle on your roof?  I do!  What's more, I can help you network with these local companies to help you get "plugged in" and have them call on YOU if they are in need of YOUR services.

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If you need an SEO Webmaster,
Columbia S.C. I can help

Since Windows 1995 came out, I have been working with websites and basic website development  When Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came along, I developed the skills needed to succeed.  As your webmaster, I can help your company get found on the internet in the "organic" results, saving you lots of money on pay per click campaigns and making your phones ring.  My campaigns can assist local companies in finding local customers who are searching the internet.

Here are some key points you should consider when you are in the market for an SEO webmaster in Columbia, S.C.:

  • What are you marketing?  Okay, so my website design is not the prettiest in town but you found me in a search right?!  That, my friends, is what really counts in the world of internet marketing for many businesses.  If you are "ok" with basic website design without the pretty, flashy frills, I'm your man.

  • Is your product saturated in the local market?  If you are a Real Estate Agent wanting 1st page results, you might be disappointed because your market is saturated.  Alternately, if you sell "catering", you might enjoy more success because of less competition.  If everyone with deep pockets is vying for the top search engine positions, it becomes more and more difficult to get good results at an affordable price.  I can evaluate your business to see if a website marketing campaign would be successful.

  • What I charge - The cost of Search Engine Optimization varies from project to project depending upon the time commitment.  I charge by the hour (akin to a mechanic), clocking my time and billing you accordingly.  There are no contracts. 

  • Do you have unique content; can you write and edit good, optimized content?  Are you a good writer?  If not, or if you do not have the time, I can write the content for you or you can write the content with my coaching.